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Rehabilitation Resources: Databases

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Rehabilitation Databases & Articles

If you are looking for articles on a particular subject you will need to search a database.  Physical rehabilitation encompasses such a wide-range of topics that articles are published in varied journals and indexed in many biomedical databases.  If you need only a few relevant materials, use the UHN OneSearch engine and limit the results to "Journal Articles". 


Comprehensive searches require the use of several databases.  The named databases below all contain rehabilitation information.  The database descriptions will help you determine the most relevant database(s) for your topic by providing details regarding the intended audience (OTs, PTs, researchers, etc.), and the types of information featured (drug data, psychological perspectives, etc.). 

Remember:  You can save yourself time and effort by asking your Information Specialist to conduct a free literature search for you!

Key Biomedical Databases

CIHI Rehabilitation Data

CIHI (Canadian Institute for Health Information) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides essential information on Canada's health systems and the health of Canadians.  This includes Rehabilitation Care covering a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services and complex continuing care for adults who experience debilitating illness or injury.  It includes reports and analyses, quick stats, databases and data sources, metadata, and other related resources.   

Finding "Known" Articles

If you are looking for the full-text of an article and have the citation information, you can either:

  1. Enter the known information into the Citation Checker;
  2. Or, if you are on-site at any UHN facility, enter the "title" (encased in quotes) into Google Scholar and then click on the "Find it @ UHN Libraries" link that appears on the right-hand side.

If you are unsuccessful in finding the full-text of the article, the library may be able to acquire it from other library systems (minimal service fee is levied).  Complete this form.