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UHN Virtual Library: Valuable Voices: Stories in Healthcare

Valuable Voices: Stories in Healthcare

Health narratives are personal stories of health care experiences written by patients, families, or healthcare professionals. These are distinct from case reports, clinical scenarios, or case studies in that they focus on the person's own experience in a health care setting.

Drawing on the principles of Narrative Medicine, the use of published health narratives has the potential to benefit clinical education, practice, wellness, and patient experience. Studies have demonstrated several benefits to health professionals and learners: building empathy and compassion, promoting interdisciplinary practice and understanding, increasing the understanding of how the healthcare system is viewed and experienced by patients, and encouraging self-expression.

The stories listed below focus on the five patient values listed in the UHN Declaration of Patient Values and their related behaviours.

Visit the COVID-19 Narratives Resource page for the experiences of those living, working and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How are published stories used in health professions education?

Not sure how to use stories in health education? Here are some examples: 

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