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The Consortium

LITS Terms of Reference


The Library Innovation and Technology subcommittee (formerly ERSC) is concerned with exploring new and innovative library technologies, software and tools and sharing this knowledge with it's members and the HSICT community.  


  • Promote current awareness of new and innovative library technologies, software and tools;
  • Promote sharing of information among Consortium libraries regarding these resources by holding quarterly meetings, forming small, specialized working groups, and conducting continuing education events;
  • Periodically conduct a survey of interest, expertise and technology, and report the results via the listservs and web site;
  • Organize continuing education sessions, utilizing the skills of our members when possible, and facilitate knowledge sharing
  • Liaise with the Executive Director of the Consortium Office to assist with the development of dynamic content for the Consortium website;
  • Liaise with other Consortium subcommittees as required.


  • 15 members (larger size to allow the formation of working groups)
  • The chair will be appointed from among the subcommittee's members and will serve for a maximum of 3 years.
  • Meetings are open to all Consortium members.

For a list on events, meeting minutes and past presentations, click here.