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The Consortium

Licensing Subcommittee - Terms of Reference


The Licensing Subcommittee plays a key advisory role to inform HSICT decisions about licensing models and negotiates the licensing of new and existing products.


  • Maintain awareness about developments in the electronic publishing field and assess the implications of these developments for the Consortium;
  • Advise on licensing models appropriate for the membership;
  • Actively seek and promote cooperative licensing opportunities for HSICT;
  • Conduct licensing negotiations with the Executive Director as appropriate  to ensure the best value for members
  • Advise on the implications of signing agreements with vendors/publishers;
  • Maintain and strengthen liaison with the University of Toronto electronic collections development.


  • 15 members maximum; all members of the committee are required to attend meetings regularly and participate actively; in the event that a member is unable to attend a meeting on site, he/she is encouraged to join the meeting by teleconference;
  • The minimum term for membership on the committee is 12 months; half of the members of the committee will serve for a 12 month term; half will serve for 24 month term;
  • Initially the Chair is the Executive Director of the HSICT;
  • The committee will meet at least 4 times a year; more frequent meetings may be required during renewal periods
  • Meetings are open to all Consortium members.