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Renal Replacement Therapies

Benefits of home dialysis

Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis each come with their own strengths and benefits. However, more patients are choosing home dialysis as it allows for more flexibility with lifestyle and treatment than peritoneal dialysis. Patients considering home dialysis treatment should meet with their doctor to determine which method works best for them.

Maintain independence

When patients spend numerous hours and multiple days of the week in the hemodialysis center at the hospital, it is inevitable that they miss out on a lot of quality time from their own life. Time could be spent with friends and family, or leisure time for hobbies. Home dialysis allows patients to live more active lives as they have more time to do things they enjoy and continue with their work schedule during the day. When patients choose to come to the hospital to conduct their dialysis, they are restricted to their weekly schedule, which may limit their freedom to work and live freely. At home, patients can spend less time doing treatment and it can be done in multiple settings or the comfort of your own home.

Improved patient outcomes

People who choose to do dialysis in the comfort of their own homes, perform treatment more frequently and for shorter periods of time. Frequent dialysis is less stressful on your body as less fluid and waste remains in your body for a shorter amount of time. This contributes to lower mortality rates and fewer negative side effects. Not only does it provide health benefits of daily treatments, it gives patients the freedom to live more active and fulfilling lives. This can improve the overall quality of a patient’s life, both mentally and physically.