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Exploring the Role and Function of the Kidneys

Regulating water balance

In an average adult, water will make up approximately 60% of the body weight. Your body must contain the appropriate amount of water to maintain a healthy balance.  When blood is filtered in the kidneys, it is able to monitor and balance the water levels by preserving what the body needs. This allows our body to avoid dehydration while removing excess water and electrolytes in the form of urine.


Normal daily intake and output of water

Intake (ml)

Output (ml)

Drinking                        800-1500

Urine                                      800-1500

Water in food               500-700

Respiration                           250-400

Metabolism                   200-300

Skin                                         150-500

Feces                                       100-150

TOTAL                          1500-2500ml

TOTAL                                   1300-2500ml