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Helpful Tips

When planning your diet, it's important to remember these tips to help you get started:

  • Eat three meals a day at regular times
  • Include a starchy food at each meal such as bread, double boiled potatoes, or rice
  • Limit sugars and sweets such as pop, desserts or candy
  • Avoid eating greasy food
  • Eat approximately around the same time to regulate and control blood pressure
  • Balance your meal by choosing a variety of food from each of the following food groups: starch, protein, fruits and vegetables, and milk products
  • If you want to include alcohol in your diet, talk to your healthcare provider as alcohol may affect your blood sugar levels
  • Choose low fat products such as lean meats, boiled or baked foods, and low fat dairy products. Choosing low fat products instead of high fat foods, can help maintain a healthy weight

Here is a helpful document from the National Kidney Disease Education Program and Providence Healthcare, on eating right for kidney health and food labeling!