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The Kidney Care Clinic

Blood Work Monitoring

Regular follow-up and monitoring blood work is an important factor in managing patients with chronic kidney disease.  Patients may need to have blood work taken monthly or up to every six months depending on the severity of the lab results.

The patient’s GFR is the basis for determining the frequency of blood work needed. Patients in the late stages of chronic disease may require monthly follow ups of blood work to determine any further changes in kidney function.

When visiting the clinic for your follow up, your doctor and or nurse will review your lab results with you. Your follow up is critical in determining any out of range values in your blood work. Critical values such as potassium, bicarbonate, red blood cell count, phosphate, calcium, creatinine, and GFR will be examined to determine how your illness is progressing.

Here is a helpful handout for BC Renal Agency in understanding your blood work!