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Smoking Cessation: Videos

Teach projects videos

Dr. Marilyn Herie - MI Skills - Tobacco Cessation - Pre-contemplative

Motivational interviewing: Clients arguing for change -- Introducing

Develop an understanding of the fundamental spirit and principles of motivational interviewing Gain up-to-date information regarding the research and evidence of motivational interviewing Develop an understanding of empathic counselling skills, central to using the technique Learn when and how to use advice and other more directive elements of motivational interviewing Observe elements of motivational interviewing, including how motivational interviewing can be used to roll with resistance, resolve ambivalence , encourage change and commitment talk, and help people carry through changes to health behaviours

Dr. Peter Selby - MI Skills - Tobacco Cessation - Ambivalent Client

The 4 Principles of Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing: "The 5 R's"

A description of the 5 R's in Motivational Interviewing by Dr. Peter Selby