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EndNote 8: EndNote x8 for Windows (videos)

A Guide for Toronto Public Health Staff

EndNote x8

EndNote version 8

EndNote on Windows: The Short Course [Video Contents]

You can use the timing noted below to review specific sections of the video EndNote on Windows: The Short Course [embeded above]
0:00 EndNote on Windows: The Short Course

0:15 Create an EndNote library & understanding how to navigate

5:03 Setting up Groups/Group Sets

5:59 Smart groups

10:08 Importing PDFs

11:45 EndNote Find Full Text option.

13:14 Setting up EndNote to provide consistent formatting of Journal Names in APA style (Terms Lists)

15:10 Working with my references in Microsoft Word (inserting citations).

20:30 Edit & Manage Citation(s) command.

22:34 Syncing EndNote on the desktop and EndNote online account

EndNote x8 Full Class Recording [Video]

You can use the timing noted below to review specific sections of the video
0:04 Navigation

0:25 Creating a Library

1:58 Opening the Sample Library

3:09 Configuring the Library Window

3:36 Setting a Preview Style

4:53 Online Search

10:41 Creating Groups

14:31 Directly Export Results from Databases (Demo for: Web of Science or PubMed)

20:44 PDFs: Setting Preferences for how PDFs are handled

23:31 PDFs: Importing PDFs

26:00 Find Reference Updates

28:27 Delete a Group or Group Set

29:04 PDFs: Find Full Text

31:22 Finding and Removing Duplicates

33:24 Making Journal Names Consistent

36:55 Cite While You Write in Word (CWYW)

37:17 CWYW: Adding References to Word, Formatting Bibliographies, Editing Citations

49:11 CWYW: Citations in Footnotes

51:20 Syncing an EndNote Library

51:24 Sharing References

SEARCH & IMPORT: How to use EndNote in 5 minutes [Video]

You can use the timing noted below to review specific sections of the video How to Use EndNote in 5 minutes.
0:40 Importing references using Online Search Mode
  • NOTE: Online Search Mode is not recommended if replicable or transparent searches are required.

1:45 Importing references using Direct Export
  • NOTE: Direct Export is recommended for replicable/transparent searches are required.

1:49 Importing from PubMed
  • Demonstrated using Firefox but will also work with Internet Explorer
3:33 Find Full Text
  • Have EndNote try to find the PDFs for references you've gathered

3:50 Add reference to a Microsoft Word document.

4:14 Edit Citations
  • Change the citation style (i.e. APA to Vancouver) or edit citations by adding page numbers 

ORGANIZE: Archive article citations or PDFs

CITE: Generate bibliographies or cite while you write

Make the most of Videos

Selective contents of each video are summarized below the video.

Use the timing (00:00) noted below each video to watch the relevant portion of the video.


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