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HSICT Knowledge Exchange: Updating this Guide

Future Steps & Guiding Principles

Suggestions are welcome!
Read our Guiding Principles for selecting resources and updating this site.  Use the "Add a resource" option to submit suggestions or content.

Guiding Principles

Our intention: 

1)  This site is intended to be a 'starting-point'.  This is not a comprehensive collection of examples, but an area for those comfortable to share their ideas and collaborate with other members.

2) We intend for this site to be flexible, both in who might use it (Librarians, Library Technicians, Information Managers, Records Managers etc.) as well as what organization the user might be part of (Hospital, College, Public Health Unit, Not-for-profit Org. etc.).  

3) This site is voluntary and depends on the engagement of the member libraries.  It is only as good as you make it.