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Copyright: Internet

YouTube Videos

You may show YouTube videos in the classroom for educational purposes.  However, make sure the videos are uploaded by the creator/owner.  It is good professional practice to check the legitimacy of a YouTube video before using it in a classroom.   To verify if the video is uploaded by the the creator/owner, follow the links located just below the video. 

Internet Use

Materials found on the Internet are afforded the same copyright protection as print materials. This includes all text, graphics, images, sound, video, news and games available on the Internet, as well as postings to newsgroups and e-mail messages.

Before copying something found on a website (the work needs to be fully cited), you must consider the six Fair Dealing Factors and should use a legally posted copy. Content retrieved from password protected web sites cannot be reproduced without consent.

There are some exceptions:

  • Ideas - Copyright protects the way in which information is presented, it does not protect facts, ideas or information. Taking information from another web site and expressing it in your own words does not infringe copyright.
  • Public Domain - Material which is in the public domain is not protected by copyright and can be copied freely. Fifty years after an author's death, works produced by this author become part of the public domain. An author may also choose to place an item in the public domain by including a notice which grants permission for copying. In this case, there are often conditions to the use of the material, including credit to be given to the author.
  • Titles, names & slogans - Short combinations of words, such as titles, names and slogans, are not generally protected by copyright.

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Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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