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Mobile Gateway: Mobile Apps

Information about Mobile Access Databases at the CMCC Library

Types of Apps

Web App – is a type of mobile site that is built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and like other mobile sites is not downloaded as software to the device. However, unlike other mobile sites it is a tool designed to perform a specific task.

Native App – Built using the native coding language or software development kit of the platform (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.) for which it was designed. It requires app developers to use different coding for each platform.

Hybrid App – A cross between a native app and a web app. It is an app built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript like a Web App but unlike a Web App it is wrapped.


App: A software application on a smartphone.

A mobile app is a small computer program that you generally download to your device.

These applications are usually device specific, meaning that the device they are developed for is the only device they will only work on. However, most app developers will make a version of the app for each of the most common device types.

The content of a mobile app is usually available ‘offline’. This means that you can have access to the information even if you are without a connection to the internet.

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