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Mobile Gateway: Consumer Health Apps

Information about Mobile Access Databases at the CMCC Library

Finding More Recommended Apps

Finding more recommended apps

Many clinicians, librarians, and software developers provide reviews of apps. In addition to the sources selected by the CMCC Library, check out these websites for recent reviews of apps.

  • Appolicious
    This Yahoo-affiliated sites invites users to create curated lists of their favorite apps. The lists created by health care professionals and students are helpful, and it's a great source for consumer health-focused apps (self-care for diabetes; exercise or food trackers; etc.) and apps to use in occupational and physical therapy.
  • Daily App Show
    While not specifically focused on health apps, this site includes videos of apps in action with reviews. Great chance to see an app before buying it.
  • iMedicalApps
    One of the first review sites on medical apps specifically. This site was founded by medical students and now hosts reviews from students and medical professionals

Consumer Health Apps and Mobile-Friendly Websites

These Consumer Health apps and mobile-friendly websites are intended for use by patients to research information on diseases, medications, and more. 

To access mobile apps, download to your phone from Apple's App Store or Android's Play Store (availability varies). To access mobile-friendly websites, go to the websites below on your phone's browser.  


Asthma MD (mobile app) helps you track your peak flow, triggers, medications, and symptoms to help manage your asthma.


Baby Center (mobile app) is for expecting parents. Enter your baby's due date and get an expert guide for your pregnancy.
 Dashdiet Dash Diet (mobile app) introduces you to eating healthy under the Dash Diet eating plan.
Drops First Aid (mobile app) provides instructions and videos to assist in emergency situations such as choking, unconscious person, and more. 

Embryo (mobile app) allows you to visually explore human embryo development. By the National Library of Medicine. 


Fooducate (mobile app) a diet and healthy food nutrition scanner. While shopping for groceries you scan the food item with this app. Then you receive information detailed information about the product. This app received first prize in the U.S. Surgeon General healthy app challenge.
Glucose Buddy (mobile app) is a Diabetes logbook manager for blood pressure and weight tracking. Helps you better manage your Diabetes.
GoMeals GoMeals (mobile app) helps you make informed eating options and decisions if you have a health condition like diabetes.

MedlinePlus (mobile website) by the National Institutes of Health is for patients and their families and friends. Provides information about diseases, conditions, treatments, drugs, wellness issue, and more.

MyChart (mobile app) is the MUSC Patient Portal powered by Epic MyChart. MyChart gives patients access to their lab results, appointment information, current medications, immunization history, and more.

MyMedList (mobile app) allows users to electronically manage their medication lists. By the National Library of Medicine.                        

NCI QuitPal (mobile app) uses proven quit strategies and interactive tools to help you quit smoking.

Other apps by include Smokefree Teen QuitSTART and QuitGuide.


Pillboxie (mobile app) provides an easy way for you to remember to take your medication.

Recalls (mobile website) provides government recalls on consumer products, food, medicine, and more.


Runkeeper (mobile app) is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Keep track of your runs, walks, bike rides, and hikes.
WedMd WebMD (mobile app) provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information. 

WedMD Allergy (mobile app) allows you to enter your the allergies then helps you prepare for each day with personalized allergy and weather information.