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Library Value Toolkit: Benchmarking

Task Force Recommendations

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What do we think you should keep in mind?


Recommendation 1: Benchmarking is essential, your administrators do it for themselves and will be glad if you do too.  What's important is that you're in their business, only second in importance is that you happen to work in a Library of sorts.  Participate in their world like any other professional does.  

Recommendation 2: Even if your benchmarking shows you something that might be negative for your service, don't hide it!  Use it to learn and redefine your Mission, Vision and/or goals to better your work!

Recommendation 3: Don't be an ostrich!  Sticking your head in the sand wont change the fact that benchmarking is happening.  It's a pretty safe bet to say that even if you're not doing it, your administrators are for you. You have the ability to use benchmarking to your benefit before others may use it to your detriment.  

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This Page is Under Construction!  Keep an eye out for resources dedicated to the topic of Benchmarking!  

We're hoping this page will help repurpose the thought of benchmarking from something to be scared of to something that is essential and WILL work to help prove your value!

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