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Before You Start Your Research: How to Publish a Research Paper

Learn about how to publish in a scholarly journal

Why Publish?

"A string of impressive publications can propel a young scientist to the next academic stage, whereas an insufficient publication record can derail a career. Publications are the main way scientists publicize their work, and ultimately, it is by their papers that they will be judged."

- Kelner K. Tips for publishing in scientific journals. Science. 2007;4:1-4.

As healthcare practitioners, learners, academics, or researchers, the pressure to publish is often there. Whether it is for academic advancement, building your reputation, disseminating knowledge, publicizing a great new discovery, sharing our hard work, or the sheer pleasure of it. But how do you start? How can we publish an article in a high quality peer-reviewed journal? Read on for more tips and resources to help you in your publication journey.

Tips to Publishing a Journal Article

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