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Before You Start Your Research: Other Publication Types

Learn about how to publish in a scholarly journal
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Other Types of Publications

There are many other types of publications to be written and submitted for publication. Following is a list of various publication types with citations pointing to helpful articles.

Glossary Terms Citation

Definitions appearing in this guide are drawn from A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 5th ed. Oxford University Press.

A dictionary of epidemiology. 6th ed. edited for the International Epidemiological Association by Miquel Porta ; associate editors, Sander Greenland, John M. Last. New York: Oxford University Press; 2016.

Abstracts - Articles or Conferences

An abstract or summary of a scientific article or report that is organized or structured in well-defined sections. A typical sequence of sections includes some or all of the following: “Objectives” or “Aims,” “Design,” “Setting,” “Subjects,” “Main outcome measures,” “Results,” and “Conclusions.” The structured abstract is intended to be comprehensive and to provide a logical order for the presentation of a scientific communication. Structured abstracts are required by many journals.


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Case Reports

Detailed descriptions of a few patients or clinical cases (frequently, just one sick person) with an unsual disease or complication, uncommon combinations of diseases, an unusual or misleading Semiology, cause, or outcome (maybe a surprising recovery). They often are preliminary observations that are later refuted. They cannot estimate disease frequency or risk (e.g., for lack of a valid Denominator).


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Case Studies

A detailed analysis of the occurrence, development, and outcome of a particular problem or innovation, often over a period of time. A detailed description of a concrete situation requiring ethical analysis, judgment, and—sometimes—action


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Letters to Editors

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Peer Reviews - Providing a Peer Review

A process of evaluation of scientific or professional work by experts in the same field (reviewers) to assess whether the work meets the necessary methodological and ethical standards before it is accepted or published. The critical assessment of manuscripts submitted to journals by experts who are not part of the editorial staff.  The term may also refer to review of clinical performance in a medical audit.


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Peer Reviews - Responding to Peer Reviewers

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Research Proposals or Protocols or Inquiries


The plan, or set of steps, to be followed in a study or investigation or in an intervention program.

Research Proposal

A document prepared by a research agency for a prospective customer outlining in detail the programmes of research, its objectives, its methodology, and project timescales and costs that the agency proposes to carry out on behalf of the customer.


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