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Writing Your Manuscript: Peer Review

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Peer Review

Researchers may be involved in Peer Review from two different perspectives:

  1. As a subject expert:  Researchers with strong subject expertise are asked to critically examine, evaluate and provide feedback on materials being considered for publication.  Their "peer review" comments are quite specific and intended to alert authors to errors or inconsistencies so that corrections may be made in order to improve the quality of their paper submission;
  2. As an author:  You receive, evaluate, and respond to all of the peer reviewers' comments and criticisms and resubmit an edited version of the manuscript.  This iterative process will continue until the manuscript is finally accepted or rejected for publication.  

Peer Reviews - Providing a Peer Review

A process of evaluation of scientific or professional work by experts in the same field (reviewers) to assess whether the work meets the necessary methodological and ethical standards before it is accepted or published. The critical assessment of manuscripts submitted to journals by experts who are not part of the editorial staff.  The term may also refer to review of clinical performance in a medical audit.


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Peer Reviews - Responding to Peer Reviewers

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