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COVID-19 Resource Portal

The volume of information – and mis-information – on this coronavirus is overwhelming.   The UHN and Michener library team are collaborating with partners across our organization to curate reliable, authoritative sources of information, to facilitate knowledge mobilization, to enable our institutions to deliver the best health care, to provide the best education, to conduct the research to end this pandemic. 

On this site, you will find some high level resources relating to the latest science of COVID-19, educational resources to support you in “upskilling” to critical care, or to help you if you are deployed to clinical areas in which you don’t usually practice. You’ll also find some self-care resources to help you maintain your resilience in the face of these trying times. And our information SWAT team is at the ready to find the latest evidence on emerging questions around the science of COVID-19.

With the growing interest in vaccines, we've featured the link to UHN Patient & Family Learning Centre's page on COVID-19 Vaccines on the left. A few key resources for healthcare workers are: