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Online Resources for Patients and Families: Apps

Click on an image below to see a list of health & wellness apps

click to go to relaxation apps list

Apps to Help You Relax

Find breathing exercises, relaxing music and meditations.

click to go to list of apps to help you sleep

Apps to Help You Sleep

Helping you sleep using meditation and CBI techniques

click to see a list of apps for healthy living

Apps for Healthy Living

Free exercise and healthy eating apps

click to see apps to help your mood

Apps to Help Improve Your Mood

Apps to help with anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction

click to see apps to understand your body

Apps to understand the body

Learn about the brain, the heart, food allergies and more

click to see apps that help manage your pain

Apps for Managing Pain

Track your pain and your medication use

click to see apps that track your health

Track my Health Condition

Apps to assist you with tracking your diabetes, migraine, PTSD, asthma and more

click to see apps for caregivers

Apps to Help You Care for Others

Track medications and learn coping skills for dealing with dementia

click to see apps for your cancer journey

Apps to help with your Cancer Journey

Cancer information from national cancer organizations, My Cancer Journey and more

click to see apps that can read a QR code

Apps to help you read a QR Code

QR code reader apps to help you download information.

Mobile Apps

Most people today carry mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and laptop computers to stay in touch while on the go.  “Apps” are software applications available for these devices to help users communicate, organize their appointments, and manage information. 

A variety of health-related apps are available for download and listen, with more being created daily.  

Our Health Information Specialists have researched a variety of good and free-to-access apps that will help you manage your health and wellness routine. 

Why Use Health & Wellness Mobile Apps?

Health & wellness mobile Apps can help: 

  • Track your medications 
  • Maintain healthy diet and exercise 
  • Send reports to your doctor  
  • Improve communication with your health care provider 
  • Monitor your specific condition 
  • Improve your overall health and much more 

How Do You Choose a Health & Wellness Mobile App?

What to consider when choosing an app:

  • Does this app provide a clear Privacy policy?  
  • Does it explain how your personal information will be used?  
  • Will it be shared with third parties, such as advertisers? 
  • Who created this app?  
  • Is it a credible organization or an expert whose credentials are clearly stated? 
  • Does the app provide clear contact information of the creator or owner?