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Services For Faculty: Integrating Learning Resources


The Learning Resource Centre supports faculty by making

the best materials and learning objects available across Michener.

LRC Collections

The LRC's collections of electronic and physical resources are targeted to Michener's specific needs. As originally envisioned by Dr. Diana M. Schatz, founder of the Michener Institute, our policy is to ensure that the collections are current, flexible and relevant in terms of scope and quality.

New Book Acquisitions For Teaching

The LRC selects, orders, licenses, and provides access to resources in all formats. Faculty is encouraged to suggest new titles for purchase, which we can usually acquire promptly. We can also connect you with the publishers to acquire desk copies of texts. The LRC can also borrow from other libraries in the area, including University Health Network and the University of Toronto (UofT).

Resource Selection Service For Course Materials

The LRC will consult with faculty on resources in varied formats to support curriculum development, embedding learning objects into BlackBoard and enabling access across Michener.

Sound Studio

The Sound Studio provides a video/audio recording environment for faculty:

  • to produce high-quality voice-over PowerPoint
  • to add video elements to a course
  • to broadcast webinars

Teaching With The Special Collection

Dry Lab Resources are available in the LRC to give students hands-on, life-like learning experiences. Below are a few examples of what resources are available to students in the Dry Lab:

Copyright Compliance Service

LRC can review curriculum materials to ensure compliance with Canadian copyright provisions and MIchener licensing agreements and policies.

Course Reserves

Do you have items that students need to consult frequently, for brief periods of time? Email the titles or bring the materials to the LRC and those items will be placed on the Short Term Loan/Course Reserve shelves for students to use in the LRC for short periods of time, ensuring the broadest access.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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