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Cardiovascular Perfusion: Journal Articles

Finding journal articles

To search for journal articles on a specific topic, choose a database from the Databases box below. Searching one of these databases will allow you to find articles from a variety of different journals. The MeSH box will give you information on how to perform a more powerful search. The Journals box lists some of the most important journals in the field. You can browse these journals to learn about the latest studies, but for research on a specific topic, you should search one of the databases instead.

Don't pay for articles. If you find an article record in a database and receive a message saying you need to pay to read the full article, contact the LRC and we will try to obtain a copy for you for free.


By searching one of these databases, you will be searching articles from thousands of journals. More information is available in Databases.

PubMed Tips and Tricks

MeSH Subject Headings

To search by subject in PubMed, MeSH subject headings should be used for best results.  The following list represents a sample of available headings; to obtain a complete list of relevant subject terms please use the MeSH browser in PubMed or consult with LRC staff.

Assisted circulation
Blood gas analysis
Blood transfusion, autologous
Cardiac surgical procedures
Cardiopulmonary bypass
Circulatory arrest, deep hypothermia induced
Coronary artery bypass
Extracorporeal membrane
Heart-assist devices
Heart bypass, left
Heart-lung machine
Hemodynamic processes
Hypothermia, induced
Infusion pumps
Intra-aortic balloon pumping
Organ preservation
Perfusion pumps, implantable
Pulmonary gas exchange
Thoracic surgery

Using MeSH in PubMed

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