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UHN Virtual Library: Help & FAQ

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Help & FAQ

A. UHN Libraries has multiple sites, one at Toronto General Hospital, one at Princess Margaret Hospital, one at Toronto Western Hospital, one at Toronto Rehab - University Centre, and one at Toronto Rehab - Rumsey Cardiac Centre. For more information on their locations and hours, please check our link on the home page of the Virtual Library.
A. Yes, you have a Network Account you have access to the full functionality of the Virtual Library. For instructions, please read this page about how to Access the Virtual Library from Home or Offsite.
A. As an alternative to logging on to the Virtual Library, you can go directly to the OVID homepage at You will need a Login ID and a password. To request remote access for these databases and receive an individual Login ID, please contact Ronald MacPherson, Electronic Services Librarian (416-340-4800 ext. 4279) with your full name, department, phone number and e-mail address. This type of access would be used if you did not have an UHN network t-id number, or if you needed your own workspace to save your own searches. Please note that the number of Login IDs is very limited.
A. If you have a research account, you have two different ways in which you can access the UHN Intranet and the Virtual Library. There is a direct link to the Virtual Library from the Research Intranet at: Alternately, you can bookmark and go directly to the Virtual Library
A. Where possible, we have licensed resources based on IP authentication. This means that the publisher recognizes the address of your computer as being within UHN and allows you access to these paid resources. Not all publishers have the technology in place to allow this type of access. The only way they can recognize you as being a licensed user is for you to enter a special user ID and password. Since our shared or public access computers are not just used by staff, placing these passwords on the Intranet would be a violation of our contract with these publishers. In addition, if those outside our institution gain access to these passwords, it will impede entrance to these sites by our staff since in many of these cases only a certain number of users can gain access at any given time. We are currently investigating methods of eliminating this extra step.
A. Unfortunately, not everything is available in electronic form. Where they are available in electronic form, there may be additional costs for access. On an ongoing bases we are trying to add electronic versions of print journals when we can. If you have a suggestion for a particular title, please use the Purchase Request Form on the Virtual Library to ensure that this title is on our wish list.
A. Subscription journal content is licensed for the sole use of UHN authorized users and may not be shared with those outside of our institution. UHN's authorized users include the full-time and part-time students, faculty, staff, researchers, and independent contractors of UHN, as well as, individuals using computer terminals within the UHN libraries.
A. Posting journal articles on social networking sites is not permitted as it may infringe UHN's license agreement with the journal vendor / publisher.

A. Lost library journals or books are subject to the replacement cost of the item, plus a $10.00 library processing fee per item. Refusal to pay the designated costs will result in suspension of UHN library privileges. Wightman-Berris Medical Students' and PGYs' unpaid records will be forwarded to Medical Education offices.

If you have any further questions regarding the Virtual Library, or would like training in order to be able to use it more effectively, please contact your Information Specialist.

A. Find it @ UHN is a library service which links database citations to full-text journal content (if available) and other related supporting resources from the UHN Libraries. When you see the Find it @ UHN button in an electronic resource, click on the button to see a menu of options to:

  • View the full-text of the article if the library has a subscription
  • Automatically search the library catalogue to see if the library has the journal or book
  • Access other library services (Document Delivery Service, U of T catalogue, etc)

A. In order to provide access to the greatest number of resources possible, the library may provide links to certain relevant items held at the University of Toronto. These resources are accessible to anyone who is affiliated with U of T. This includes all UHN physicians and many research assistants.

For information on activating your University of Toronto privileges.

A. EndNote can be purchased at a discounted rate from the University of Toronto Bookstore for UHN and UofT affiliated individuals.

Please remember to bring your UHN ID or T-Card with you to purchase in store. If you choose the download option payment must be made by departmental funds.