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The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is committed to supporting students, faculty and staff of the Michener Institute.  

Our goal is to contribute to improved learner experiences and outcomes.  In collaboration with our staff and faculty partners, we will help build Michener's success:

  • Cultivating 21st century teaching, learning and research skills across Michener: the LRC collaborates with faculty to develop life-long learning skills throughout the Michener community
  • Strategically integrating learning resources across Michener's academic environment: the LRC supports faculty by making the best materials and learning objects available 
  • Practicing evidence-informed librarianship: the LRC practices continuous quality improvement by constantly evaluating our resources, products and services  

Our online information resources will require you to log in with your Michener account if you are not on campus. Learn more about off-campus access or watch the video below.

The Research Cycle

Are your students new to research at the post-secondary level? The LRC can support them!  

Learn more, from understanding your assignment, to finding sources, to writing your paper, by using this tutorial from Ryerson University.

rusearch research skills tutorial

Please note that this tutorial should be used as guidance only; any information provided by Michener instructors should take precedence over the information in the tutorial.

Off-Campus Access

To access all our online information resources and virtual library services, follow the instructions in this video to log in to your Michener account.

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Creative Commons License
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