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HSICT Knowledge Exchange: About your peers

HSICT Knowledge Exchange



HSICT Technology Inventory by member

The HSICT Technology Inventory an online resource listing the technologies, tools, software and hardware used by member organizations within the Health Sciences Information Consortium of Toronto.


  • To provide a platform to facilitate information sharing and transparency among HSICT members regarding the technology, software, hardware, and online tools used at each site for services and operations
  • Leverage local knowledge of the use and best practice for different technologies for HSICT members to ask questions and learn from one another (e.g. "Are any HSICT sites using Springshare's LibCal product", "Are there alternatives to QuickDOC for invoicing and reporting ILL services?", "I wonder if anyone in HSICT has expertise using MARCEdit?")
  • Serve as a resource to collectively improve the services and practices of HSICT members through greater collaboration and information exchange

If you need to make an update to the spreadsheet, please contact Lori Anne Oja.