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HSICT Knowledge Exchange: Intro


HSICT Knowledge Exchange



About this Site

The HSICT Knowledge Exchange is a resource site where Member libraries can share, borrow and re-use materials that have been made available by their colleagues.  This share and re-use of expertise and information will help each library be more efficient in their creation of policies, practices, campaigns and instruction.  

Members can use all materials housed here freely. However, where specified "attribution required", please credit the author appropriately.


Objectives of this site

Easier access to the vast knowledge and expertise of our health library peers will:

  • Make the best problem solving experiences reusable
  • Enable better, faster decision making
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation
  • Improve services to customers and organization.
  • Reduce loss of experience and expertise over time.

The Knowledge Exchange is voluntary and will only be successful as individuals feel comfortable sharing their experiences, ideas and documentation.