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Edit-A-Thon Introduction

In honour of National Medical Librarians Month, join us as we improve medical information in Wikipedia.  You can edit as little or as much as you'd like.  It's a great opportunity to learn new skills and lend your knowledge to this vast encyclopedia.  

We invite you to edit the week of October 17-21.  LITS will be hosting a Wikipedia editing tutorial/refresher on October 13 via Zoom led by Alex Jung from the University of Toronto.

How to participate

Follow these simple steps to start:

1.  Create a free account on Wikipedia, if you already have an account - proceed to step 2.    

2.  Register on LITS' campaign dashboard

  • If you’re a new editor, or new to Wikipedia or WikiProject Medicine, it would be a good idea to complete some training modules, such as Wikipedia Basics and/or Editing Medical Topics.  This guide also has a tab filled with additional editing training resources if you need more assistance.  

3. Find an article that needs editing. 

  • You can choose one of the pre-selected articles on the campaign dashboard or you can find an article with sourcing or other problems. All the pre-selected articles are from WikiProject Medicine, they have been assessed and it has been already been determined what needs to be edited for those articles.  I will include the chart from WikiProject Medicine so you will see what each pre-selected article needs.

4. Cite a source.

  • Find a source from NLM to support the article.  For example: PubMed or MedlinePlus.  Add a citation using Wikipedia Style (learn more about adding citations from 1Lib1Ref). 

TA DA!  You have edited a document and participated in our edit-a-thon.  Keep going!

Tutorial Details

Topic: LITS Wikipedia Editing Tutorial/Refresher

with Alex Jung from University of Toronto via Zoom

Thursday October 13, 12pm-1pm

Alex Jung (he/him) serves as Open Knowledge Specialist for the University of Toronto Libraries. He was formerly Wikipedian-in-Residence, and now broadly supports library tooling and capacity-building to make good information more findable on the everyday web—which includes Wikipedia, Wikidata, and search engines. He is happy to be reached for questions, training, and collaboration.


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