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FortiClient VPN - Off-Site Access

The FortiClient VPN is a new method Unity Health Toronto employees can use to gain off-site access to library material. The FortiClient VPN can only be downloaded on Unity Health Toronto laptops while on-site, to request the installation of this VPN please email: After IT has installed the the VPN on your laptop, it will appear on your desktop as a folder titled "VPN".

Login Steps:

1. In the folder there are several files, to begin open the "FortiClient VPN" file.

2. Once the file has been opened the following login screen will appear:

3. Depending on your main hospital location the VPN name will change (e.g. SMH Remote for St. Michael's employees and SJHC Remote for St. Joseph's employees).

4. Your username is the one you use to access hospital computers and systems, it will be preceded by your site's abbreviation. For example: SMH\username or SHJC\username.

5. Enter the password you use to access Unity Health Toronto computers, systems, and email.

6. Press "Connect".

7. Once the VPN authenticates your username and password it will ask for a token:

8. Open the FortiToken app on your phone and enter the token that appears, then hit ok. If you do not have the FortiToken app please request it from IT, and they will provide the installation information required to download the app so that it is connected with Unity Health Toronto.

9. As long as you keep the VPN running, you have access to all library material as if you were on-site.

10. Now that you have the VPN running, you can access the network drives. Open the "Connect Network Drives" file in the VPN folder, and it will connect your work station with the network drives remotely:

If you are experiencing any issues accessing library material on-site or remotely please use our feedback form so that we can help you through the access issue. For more information on how to work remotely please visit the IT website.

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