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Phosphate Binders- Sevlamer Hydrochloride (Renagel), Calcium carbonate (Caltrate) , Lanthanum Carbonate (Fosrenol) , and Calcium acetate(PhosLo)

Phosphate binders work in order to prevent phosphorous accumulating in the blood, a condition called hyperphosphatemia. These medications work by binding to phosphate with the food we consume in our gastrointestinal tract. It forms a compound that cannot be absorbed into the blood and instead is then excreted as waste in the form of feces. The method in which the medication works is similar to how a magnet (phosphate binders) attracts metal objects (phosphorous).

People who are taking phosphate binders should carefully monitor the food they consume and the timing of when they take the medication.

Talk to your physician if you experience itching, joint pain and constipation from taking phosphate binders.

Here is a helpful handout from BC Renal Agency to help you learn about this medication!