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Library Value Toolkit V2

The Work of the Task Force

 Image courtesy of [KROMKRATHOG,] / FreeDigitalPhotos.netglossaryThe Task Force on Measuring the Value of Library Services was formed February 2013, with aims to "develop and identify performance indicators that demonstrate the impact our members have on health care and research within their organizations". Members were librarians representing a range of HSICT members.

How we did this:

The Value Task Force began with a general survey to HSICT members for:

  • Current practices
  • Expressed needs in reporting value
  • Tools, methods, tips to share.

Task-force members identified key Value Categories and brought forth a few top or key resources in each subject.  The Task-force then collectively assessed and establish recommendations for each area.  Finally all information was compiled into this guide with the intent of providing Library leaders with a practical and easy to use resource.