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Library Value Toolkit V2

About this Guide

glossaryThis Guide is an end product of the Health Science Information Consortium of Toronto (HSICT) Task Force on Evaluating Library Services. The HSICT is a collaboration of libraries and information centres in teaching & community hospitals, public health units, and other health care institutions. The Task Force was formed in 2013 to support members in evaluating services and to promote the use of similar strategies and tools within our community.

Objectives of this Guide

To: Provide guidance and tools for demonstrating value of in-house Library services and information expertise to support your organization’s mission, vision and values.  You will find:

  • A practical toolbox of resources, including those developed by our members, on a web platform accessible to our members.
  • A few key resources, research, reports or tools that support the value of library and information services in health settings, broken into 'Value Categories'.
  •  'Task Force Recommendations' to Librarians, Managers and Library leaders in each 'Value Category' to help identify the where, when why and how to use these resources.
  • Identified, where possible & applicable, value measures for Library leaders.

This guide does not  provide an exhaustive list of resources to the Library leader; however, it is designed to provide a 'jumping off'' point for health Librarians interested in assessing and promoting the value of their service and professional expertise.  It aims to be unique amongst other more exhaustive resources, such as Dean Gustini's "Managing Health Libraries", via its collective 'recommendations' and limited 'key resources', all dedicated to the topic of value in health libraries.