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Library Value Toolkit V2

Task Force Recommendations

"Image courtesy of [Master isolated images] /".What do we think you should keep in mind?

Recommendation 1: Use as a management and change process tool, to translate vision and strategy into objectives, measures, targets and initiatives.

Recommendation 2: Each library needs its unique scorecard. However, it is helpful to consult other libraries' scorecards.

Recommendation 3: Start with a one page strategy map which is a visualization of your strategy objectives.

Balanced Scorecard

glossaryThis section is dedicated to the Balanced Scorecard, frequently used in the health sector to track and communicate performance.  This includes a Balanced Scorecard Webcast from ARL.

What is a Balanaced Scorecard?

From the London Laboratory Serices Group "Developing a Balanced Scorecard" pdf:

1) A  measurement system
2) A strategic management system
3) A communication tool

A balanced scorecard often uses key performance indicators (KPI) to quickly display information in a palatable format, almost like a business infographic.

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From ARL, December 2012