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Interprofessional Practice Based Research Resource Guide

Writing Style Guides

Listed below are common style guide resources. Many publishers will have their own specific requirements if you are writing for one of their journals. This information can usually be found on their websites. You can also look at previous papers published in that journal to get a sense of the style those papers were written in.

Make writing your references and citing within your paper easy on yourself by using Endnote, a citation management software that is free to St. Michale's Hospital. Endnote can easily create bibliographies in hundreds of different styles. You can even upload custom styles from journals to personalize it for your needs. Endnote allows for easing citing within a paper as well when you use their Microsoft Word plug-in "Cite While You Write". Sign up for an Endnote workshop to learn more, or visit our online Endnote resource guide.

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