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Systematic Review Overview: Introduction

Introduction to the 8 elements that encompass a systematic review

Systematic Review Overview


The purpose of this gateway is to provide a single repository of information that offers you an overview of the necessary steps involved in conducting a successful systematic review. In response to increasing requests for help with systematic reviews, this gateway has been developed to address researchers’ questions, and bridge a potential knowledge gap.

The goals:

  • Researchers will gain a better understanding of the requirements of a systematic review
  • Researchers will be prepared to proceed more confidently with their systematic reviews
  • Researchers will be prepared in advance for their meetings with their information specialists

By providing the background information needed, the researcher's and information specialist's time and efforts will be utilized more effectively.

Each section of this gateway provides you with a description of the steps of a systematic review with links to resources for further in-depth consultation.

It is not intended to be the final word or authority on conducting a systematic review. You are encouraged to read widely of our resources to get a full and complete understanding of the process of completing a systematic review.

There are also guides for reporting systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Please refer to the PRISMA Statement.

If you are considering conducting a systematic review, be sure to familiarize yourself with the next segment, “Systematic Review: What it is and isn’t”, as well as reviewing at least one of the Systematic Review Guideline documents.

Systematic Review Overview workshop

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