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Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

Ovid Medline AI Search Filter (Source: Dr. Jessie McGowan)

1     exp artificial intelligence/ 
2     exp "Neural Networks (Computer)"/ or exp *Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted/ 
3     (artificial intelligence* or artificial general intelligence* or artificial narrow intelligence* or computational intelligence* or artificial superintelligence* or AI-complete).tw,kf. 
4     (computer reasoning or computer vision system* or machine intelligence or intelligent agent*).tw,kw. 
5     AI.ti. 
6     (neural network* or machine Learning or deep learning or support vector machine* or hierarchical learning or natural language processing or fuzzy logic or computer heuristics or text-min* or text min* or textmin*).tw,kf. 
7     ((AI or "computer assisted " or "computer aided" or "computer-assisted " or "computer-aided") adj2 (predict* or detect* or diagnos* or "medical record*" or "health record*")).tw,kf. 
8     (digital pathology or perceptron* or connectionist or conversational agent* or chat-bot* or chatbot*).tw,kf. 
9     or/1-8 

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