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COVID-19 Resources

Live COVID-19 related searches

Topic Live Searches 
General COVID-19 search  PubMed
General COVID-19 search  Ovid MEDLINE All 1946 to present
LitCovid - a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date published research on COVID-19  LitCovid
COVID-19 AND Hydroxychloroquine Ovid MEDLINE and Journals@Ovid
COVID-19 and PPE Personal Protective Equipment  Ovid MEDLINE and Journals@Ovid
General COVID-19 search  Disaster Lit:: Database for Disaster Medicine and Public Health (NLM)

Over 200 specific searches on various topics related to COVID-19


COVID-19 Search Bank organized by NHS Libraries.
35+ Specific Topics, including management, prevention, diagnosis, health services, and more PubMed designed by Australian Health Libraries
20+ Specific Topics including cancer, critical care, telemedicine, pediatrics, pregnancy, and more PubMed and other databases created by the Medical Library Association  
Impacts on inequalities and marginalized groups PubMed created by The Strategy Unit, UK
Topics including Respiratory Pandemics (Including COVID-19, SARS, and MERS), Ethics (Customized for Pandemics), Patient Isolation, Telehealth, Physical/Social Distancing Measures, Decontamination, Health Care Workers, and more  Various databases created by CADTH


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