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This guide is intended for students and faculty in the Michener Institute's Digital Health and Data Analytics program. It will show you the best resources for doing research in this field. Some online resources will require you to log in with your Michener account if you are not on campus. To learn more about off-campus access, watch the video below.

Introduction to Information Literacy

Homepage of Introduction to Information Literacy"Introduction to Information Literacy - Finding Evidence-based Information for Michener" is a series of learning modules covering the information skills that Michener students need to succeed in their programs. From choosing a database to performing an effective search to using information correctly, these modules will put you on track for your assignments.

Assignment Tracker

Are you new to research at the post-secondary level?  Try using this assignment tracker from the University of Calgary to help you organize your work and complete assignments.  The tool provides steps, a timeline, and helpful tips to guide you through the process of completing papers, reports, presentations, and group projects. 

Please note that this resource should be used as guidance only; any information provided by Michener instructors should take precedence over the information shared in the above link.

Off-Campus Access

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