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Digital Health Skills Resource Guide for Patients and Families

Welcome to Digital Health for All Resource Guide

This website is your guide to getting familiar with digital tools and resources that are important for your healthcare journey at UHN. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with digital health, here you will find resources that will help you learn and gain confidence in your digital health skills.

Do you know about digital health tools at UHN? Complete the checklist below to find out.


                         Digital Health Tools at University Health Networks and digital skills needed to use these tools: long description follows


Description: This picture illustrates the digital health tools and digital skills needed to use these tools. A UHN patient is in the middle of the picture. The patient is surrounded by three circles. The inner circle shows the basic digital skills: e-mail, internet, smartphone, tablet, computer, online safety, and online privacy. The middle circle shows the advanced digital skills: media literacy, AI literacy, and social media. The outer circle shows the digital health tools specific to the University Health Network: myUHN Patient Portal, Virtual Visits, Virtual Emergency Department, Pocket Health, UHN Health Talk, Online Health Information, Health Apps and Health Podcasts.