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The Cosmos of Radiology: Apps

CMCC Mobile App

Read processes for emergencies, report incidents and receive notifications when events occur. Access your Apple or Google Play store and search for ‘CMCC Mobile App’.

CMCC Apps apps for 3D Atlas and 3D Real-time. 

e-Anatomy In App by IMAIOS 

Free Radiology Apps

‚Äč is a free digital library of free radiology eBooks and free radiology apps for iOS and Android.

Radiology Signs includes almost all common signs seen in routine radiological investigations such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ultrasonography, and nuclear imaging. Available for Android.

Radiology Tutor includes calculators adrenal washout, and lung, renal, colorectal, pancreatic, endometrial, ovarian, and cervical cancer TNM staging. Available for Android, and Windows Phone.


Create a personal account by using the "Sign up for access from home" link within the institution network (while at CMCC).

  1. Access your Apple or Google Play store and search for ‘MedOne App’.
  2. Select the app and when prompted, use your MedOne ‘personal account’ authentication to sign in and download full books for use offline.

Connect remotely using your MyAccess profile. No extra login is required. Your MyAccess profile must be created while authenticated and to maintain remote credentialed access you must login in to the site within IP range or VPN every 90 days.

More Free Radiology Apps

MedFilm - free app for iOS supporting iPhone/ iPad as well, Its key features is querying and viewing the DICOM images through DICOM network protocols. 

DICOM Viewer App, is a DICOM costumed viewer for medical imaging, available for iOS and Android.

iDO Viewer is a DICOM Viewer focusing on delivering multiple displaying tools and options to its users.