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LibGuides v2 Migration Central


The purpose of this guide is to help members prepare to migrate their LibGuide content from Version 1 (our current version) to Version 2 (the fantastic new version). We have not set a date for the migration; we will do that once we have a sense of a) how much time people need to prepare their guides, and b) when the optimum time would be for most people to move to the new platform, tidy up their migrated guides, and get ready to go live.

This is a guide-in-progress but to start we have included some tip sheets, instructions, and checklists for your pre-migration prep. We will provide links to help guides as well as links to some great customizations that other LibGuides V2 users have done. Version 2 has a lot of additional functionality, especially when it comes to customizing the design, but there will be a bit of a learning curve. Not to worry, though; there is plenty of time before we go live!