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EndNote 8: EndNote Desktop for Windows Users

A Guide for Toronto Public Health Staff

EndNote x8

EndNote version 8

Public Health ISystems Librarian

Welcome to EndNote x8

TPH staff can request EndNote software for work related projects. See Requesting EndNote Software.

This software allows you to:

  • import bibliographic citations,
  • organize groups of citations,
  • generate bibliographies in various citation styles like APA (Currently the preferred style for TPH)
  • export citations 
  • share groups of references with colleagues  

The Library suggests that EIDM trainees use Endnote to manage screening and citation for their rapid reviews.

Endnote provides a cloud based account for you (EndNote Online). It may be useful after you have become more familiar with Endnote Desktop.  

Requesting EndNote Step 1: Contact the Library to get started

TPH Staff requiring EndNote software should email This email will be used to assign a ticket to local IT support. 

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Name of staff requiring EndNote
  • TPH network ID  (e.g. JSmith)
  • Workstation ID (e.g. N2XD # # # # # # #) 
  • Location (e.g. 277 Victoria St., 7th floor)
  • Telephone Number (On-site contact info preferred)

Supervisors or managers requesting the software for their teams can submit details in a table.

(Note: Please don't place staff at different TPH sites on one IT ticket since tickets are assigned to specific IT staff at a specific location.)

Staff Name

(requiring Endnote)

TPH network ID


(e.g. JSmith)



Workstation ID


(e.g. N2XD ### ####)



(e.g. 277 Victoria St., 7th floor)



Telephone number
(work site contact info)





















Requesting EndNote Step 2: Approval and installation process

  • Library Staff will approve your request and email you a response.
  • The approval email will include an approval code for IT Desktop support staff to install Endnote software. 
  • You will forward that email to IT Service Desk (
  • You should then receive a confirmation from titled:  "Confirmation - Your IT interaction # SD######## logged".
  • IT staff will visit your workstation to install the EndNote software.
  • If you are still using Reference Manager, please inform the IT Desktop support staff and have those records transferred into EndNote

Step 3: Review Endnote Training Materials

Review the following contents (including videos) to orient yourself to the EndNote software:

Email with any questions.