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Faculty Development Week - Day 3






















Sasha Miles (She/Her)


Director Clinical and Integrated Education
Unity Health Toronto


Natascha Crispino (She/Her)


Physician, Family Medicine
Lecturer, DFCM, University of Toronto
SJHC, Unity Health Toronto and DFCM, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Joseph Pasia (He/Him)


Clinical Educator - Nursing
Unity Health Toronto – Providence Healthcare

Lee Rosen (He/Him)

MScOT, ACPAC, OT Reg.(Ont.)

Occupational Therapist – Manager of Collaborative Practice, Professional Practice (temporary position)
Unity Health Toronto – St. Michael’s Hospital


Thomas Ungar (He/Him)


Chief of Psychiatry
Unity Health Toronto

Annie Wu (She/Her)

Medical Student 

University of Toronto Temerty School of Medicine 

Abby Berendt (She/Her)


Dietetic Student

St. Michael's Hospital

Virtual Supervision & Assessment Panel Discussion

Virtual Supervision & Assessment Panel Discussion

Brief Description:

Panel Discussion featuring Moderator: Sasha Miles (Director Clinical & Integrated Education) & Panelists: Abigail Berendt (Dietetic Student), Annie Wu (Medical Student), Joseph Pasia (Clinical Educator – Nursing), Lee Rosen (Occupational Therapist & Interim Manager of Collaborative Practice, Professional Practice), Natascha Crispino (Family Medicine Physician), & Tom Ungar (Chief of Psychiatry). 

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges to clinical supervision and assessment. Physical distancing requirements mean that medical residents and students are providing care virtually over the phone or through a video call. What are some of the ways that preceptors can effectively support and supervise their learners remotely? Please join us for a multidisciplinary panel discussion focusing on virtual supervision and assessment experiences from both preceptor and learner perspectives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand a variety of experiences of preceptors and learners within the clinical learning environment during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Explore approaches taken to provide enhanced supervision, learning, and assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 14, 2021 (10am – 11am)

Sasha Miles (She/Her) - Moderator

Sasha Miles has been part of Unity Health Toronto, specifically at St. Michaels since 2001. She began her journey as a Registered Dietitian, with more than a decade of front line patient care experience before moving into healthcare leadership. With a passion for all things education she completed her MEd at the University of Toronto in 2007. Since then her leadership journey has provided a great variety of experiences including: professional practice leader, interim manager of the Allan Waters Simulation Centre, Manager of Academic Affairs & Student Centre and most recently as the Director, Clinical & Integrated Education.


Natascha Crispino (She/Her) - Panelist

Dr. Natascha Crispino is a family physician at the DFCM academic family medicine teaching clinic at St. Joseph's Health Centre (SJHC), Unity Health Toronto. She practices general family medicine, including home visits, as well as inpatient palliative care. She was a former DFCM Undergraduate Site Director and Postgraduate Site Director at SJHC. Since 2016, she has been the DFCM Faculty Development Lead for Family Medicine at SJHC. Dr. Crispino enjoys hiking, skiing, reading, dinner parties (pre-COVID of course!), baking, and spending time with friends and family.



Joseph Pasia (He/Him) - Panelist

Joseph started at SMH as an RN in TNICU in 1997 where he worked for 5 years, before transition to a Clinical Educator, then Manager at Trillium Health Partners for 9 years. Returned to Unity Health in 2011. Currently working as a Clinical Educator for Providence, and works as a part time advisor for the RPN Refresher Program at Humber College. Joseph is a father of 4 children.



Lee Rosen (He/Him) - Panelist

Lee Rosen is a graduate from Queen’s University School of Rehabilitation MScOT Program in 2014 and has completed the Advanced Clinic Practitioner in Arthritis/Musculoskeletal Care (ACPAC) training program from UofT’s Continuing Professional Development in 2017. He has worked as an Occupational Therapist at Kingston General Hospital and Lakeridge Health prior to joining St. Michael's Hospital in 2015. Starting in the Outpatient Mobility Program, he has worked in the hand therapy program and applied his advanced practitioner training to support assessing and treating Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Plastics Surgery patients. During pandemic, Lee had to adapt his practice to accommodate people wishing to remain at home and limit exposure and visits to hospitals, resulting in virtual consults and follow-up hand therapy sessions into his practice. Recently, Lee has taken on a temporary secondment position in Professional Practice as one of the Managers of Collaborative Practice and Education at Unity Health Toronto to support clinical practice for health disciplines. Lee is also a lecturer for UofT’s Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy (OS&OT) program, and Faculty of Medicine’s Continuing Professional Development program.


Thomas Ungar (He/Him) - Panelist

Dr. Thomas Ungar is psychiatrist in chief at St. Michael’s Hospital and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. He is a thought leader and scholar in reducing mental illness stigma in collaboration with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and many others. He is the creator of the award winning, Movember sponsored, experimental Reality Show web-series Think You Can Shrink? where people who think that they are good at giving advice (bartenders, hairdressers) are contestants counseling patient actors with mental health problems. This work has influenced the global conversation on portrayals of suicide in media.




Annie Wu (She/Her) - Panelist

Annie is a third-year medical student at the University of Toronto. Prior to this, she completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University with a specialization in Global Health. She has a particular interest in the intersection between technology and medical education, and her current research interests focus on developing artificial intelligence competencies for undergraduate medical students. She is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Faculty Development Week and to share her experiences as a medical student with virtual supervision and assessment.



Abby Berendt (She/Her)

As a dietetic student at St. Michael’s hospital this year, my love for clinical nutrition has flourished. I have had great opportunities navigating the clinical world through both in-person and work from home placements during these crazy pandemic times.