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Guidelines for Patient Education Resources

Choose or create a new resource

Here are the guidelines for choosing or creating patient education resources. To learn more about each topic, click on the heading or use the side menu. If you are new to this process or would like a consultation, contact our Patient Education Specialist for advice and support. You may also wish to attend one of our courses and Community of Practice events focusing on materials development.


  1. Choose a lead
  2. Identify your audience and their learning needs

Look for resources

  1. Consider using or adapting an existing resource


  1. Work with an inter-professional team
  2. Decide on your key messages
  3. Choose your format and use templates
  4. Write in plain language
  5. Add images if appropriate

Submit for review

  1. Submit your resource for plain language review
  2. Review edits and get feedback from patients and families

Publish and maintain

  1.  Send the final content
  2.  Update or review at least every three years

For more information, visit the Health Literacy Resource Guide or contact Patient Education