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PubMed Training


It is recommended that SMH staff use PubMed@SMH to search PubMed [While onsite or connected via staff portal]

  • PubMed@SMH tells PubMed to show information about journals available at St. Michael's Hospital
  • It links to the full text of freely available articles, and to articles in electronic journals subscribed by SMH 

Steps to a Quick Search

  1. Identify the key concepts for your search.
  2. Enter the terms (or key concepts) in the search box.
  3. Suggestions will display as you type your search terms. Click Turn off to temporarily disable the autocomplete feature.
  4. Click Search

For more information about expert search strategies, visit the Maximizing Your Search Skills resource guide

PubMed Essentials

Learn everything you need about PubMed through this interactive video tutorial.  



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