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Research Data Management

Data Management Plans

Research Data Management (RDM) refers to all aspects of handling research data in a secure, effective manner throughout a research project.

Research data is anything that is collected, observed, or created for the purposes of analysis to produce original research results. These can be notes, documentation, and scripts. Well managed research data can help understand your data better and be able to reproduce your results.

Data Management Plans

What is a Data Management Plan (DMP)?

According to Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy:

"DMPs are living documents that can be modified to accommodate changes throughout the course of a research project. DMPs should describe:

  • how data will be collected, documented, formatted, protected and preserved;
  • how existing datasets will be used and what new data will be created over the course of the research project;
  • whether and how data will be shared; and
  • where data will be deposited.

DMPs also indicate who is responsible for managing the project’s data, describe the succession plans in place should that person leave the research team, and identify the data-related roles and responsibilities of other team members where appropriate.

Finally, DMPs outline ethical, legal and commercial constraints the data are subject to, and methodological considerations that support or preclude data sharing."

Why create a DMP?

  • Secure method of data storage, preservation and access.
  • Ensures transparency for team members in what is happening with the data.

Free Online Data Management Plan Tools 

Citation Management

EndNote is the institutional citation management software at Trillium Health Partners. Get started with EndNote by requesting your installation on your THP computer.

EndNote desktop is a great tool for organizing your references in one place, with time saving functionalities such as deduplication, full-text retrieval and bibliography generation. 

References can be saved in your EndNote Library (.enl), compressed EndNote Library (.enlx) or RIS file.

Visit our EndNote Guide to get started or learn more. 


Alternative citation management software include: Mendeley, Zotero, and Papers