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EndNote. Manage Your Research

An introduction guide to using EndNote

Getting Started


Move seamlessly through your research process with EndNote X9                                                            

  • Search and collect references
  • Create and organize a database of your references
  • Store PDF documents and other files with your references 
  • Automatically format in-text citations and bibliographies in your chosen reference style
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues and other researchers

Steps to requesting EndNote

  • Click here to access to EndNote User Agreement 
  • Complete the form and submit
  • Once processed and approved,  IT will install EndNote onto your desktop or THP-issued laptop
  • Look for the EndNote icon on your computer
  • During installation, if you are prompted to "Upgrade," disregard and proceed with the installation 

Training & Support

If you are having any technical issues, or need more information on EndNote, try one of the following links: