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Nursing Rounds Resource Guide


November 2018 - Supporting the journey of a patient on constant care: A collaborative approach

October 2018 - Substance Use Disorders and Harm Reduction

September 2018 - Sepsis Prevention

June 2018 - Nurse Practitioner Led Models of Care: Innovative Care Delivery Solutions for Acute Care​

April 2018 - Community Building and Saving Lives: A Collaborative Approach to Harm Reduction​

March 2018 - St. Michael’s Hospital Nursing Resource Team: Enhancing the Quality of Care through RN Staffing Optimization​

February 2018 - Improving Care Transitions: Using Best Practices to Improve Patient Outcomes

January 2018 - Implementing a Hospital/Public Health Partnership Breastfeeding Walk-in Clinic: a Collaborative Response to our Patients’ Needs