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Nursing Rounds Resource Guide


January 31, 2019 - Supporting oral feeding skill development in preterm infants: an evidence-based approach

March 28, 2019 - My patient is for P.L.E.X. What does that mean anyway?

June 27, 2019 - Getting to the Heart: Optimizing team performance during cardiac arrest in CICU

September 26, 2019 - IVs and You: Innovative Teaching Strategies To Improve Patient Care

October 31, 2019 - Code Stroke & Code ELVIS At St. Michael's Hospital

November 28th, 2019 - Advancing Patient Care Through Nurse-Led Best Practice Guideline Implementation


November 2018 - Supporting the journey of a patient on constant care: A collaborative approach

October 2018 - Substance Use Disorders and Harm Reduction

September 2018 - Sepsis Prevention

June 2018 - Nurse Practitioner Led Models of Care: Innovative Care Delivery Solutions for Acute Care​

April 2018 - Community Building and Saving Lives: A Collaborative Approach to Harm Reduction​

March 2018 - St. Michael’s Hospital Nursing Resource Team: Enhancing the Quality of Care through RN Staffing Optimization​

February 2018 - Improving Care Transitions: Using Best Practices to Improve Patient Outcomes

January 2018 - Implementing a Hospital/Public Health Partnership Breastfeeding Walk-in Clinic: a Collaborative Response to our Patients’ Needs


November 2017 - Mind the Gap: A Collaborative Initiative to Address Potential Safety Risks in Intrahospital Patient Transitions

October 2017 - The emerging role of the Mental Health Emergency Services Area (MHESA) and the MHESA RN at St. Michael's Hospital

September 2017 - Contact Tracing for Tuberculosis

June 2017 - Every Patient Must Have a Destination: Transitioning Care Within the CVICU

May 2017 - Managing COPD

March 2017 - Quality Improvement in Hemodialysis: Introducing the Hemo Pause

February 2017 - Care Transitions: Lessons Learned from the Trauma Neurosurgery Program

January 2017 - When Stroke Strikes, Minutes Matter


November 2016 - Appropriate Use of Social Media from a Regulatory Perspective

October 2016 - How Peer Support Perspectives Can Strengthen and Support Care: Examples from Mental Health and Addictions Services

September 2016 - Management of Anaphylaxis in the Medical Day Care Unit

June 2016 - Tough Scrubber: A hands on approach to quality improvement

April 2016 - Geriatric Trauma…it’s not just about the injury

March 2016 - Innovative Programs to Increase Living Kidney Donation and Challenges with Public Solicitation for a Living Kidney Donor, A Case Review

February 2016 - Lower Extremity Edema and Wounds: What you need to know about standards of care

January 2016 - St Michael’s Inaugural International Experience: The Qatar Journey


November 2015 - Caring for Disadvantaged Patient Populations in the Community using Flexible Outreach Collaborative Urban Support (FOCUS)

October 2015 - Responding to your patient’s behaviour: Shifting the culture

September 2015 - Cognitive Difficulties in Survivors of Critical Illness: What’s delirium got to do with it?

July 2015 - Awake Craniotomy: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach

June 2015 - Smoking Cessation: How Can We Help our Patients?

April 2015 - Communicate E.D.D. expectations: a Trauma/Neurosurgery quality improvement journey

March 2015 - Inpatient Diabetes Consult Service

February 2015 - Code Hip: Quality improvement in health care

January 2015 - Primary Health Care: Nursing at the Margins


December 2014 - Accentuating positive outcomes using negative pressure wound therapy

November 2014 - Daily Bullet Rounds: A Palliative Care Unit Quality Improvement Project

October 2014 - Opiate challenges: Management of opiates from an addictions perspective

September 2014 - ICU to Ward Transitions: Perspectives of Patients, Families and Nurses

July 2014 - Pain Matters: Management of pain in older adults

June 2014 - Transforming handover in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit: standardizing report

May 2014 - The perioperative patient journey: The road travelled

April 2014 - The ultimate gift: organ and tissue donation

March 2014 - Renal Transplant Program: Impactful Changes Toward Optimal Patient Care

February 2014 - Optimizing nursing care: A primary care initiative

January 2014 - The team huddle: a better way to communicate

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