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HSIC Subcommittees

LDSC Event Management Planning  

2 - 3 months out

  • Determine theme/topic of event
  • Find and confirm presenter(s)
  • Establish any budget

1 month out

  • Determine date with presenter(s)
  • Determine format – online, hybrid, in person
  • Determine need for poll questions, white boards, handouts, prework
  • Make any physical room bookings
  • Send out “Save the Date”

2 weeks out

  • Create meeting in Zoom
  • Write up session description
  • Send out registration email with logistics and description
  • Decide on facilitator

1 week out

  • Send out reminders
  • Collect intro/bio information
  • Schedule technical run through (if required)

Day after

  • Send out thank you message and session evaluation form

Annual Calendar 


Kick off meeting

Send out survey with completion before end of month

Pull together survey response summary


Research any new trends

Review and update links on Learning website


Meet to discuss survey results and any trend research.

Identify priorities and themes for possible sessions.

Assign resources to each session. 

Kick off meeting for spring session