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Open Access 101: How We Can Help

A guide for potential authors and researchers to introduce you to open access and how it may impact you.

Library Services for OA

UHN Libraries do not have a fund for open access publishing fees. However, our Information Specialists can help you choose an OA journal or repository, steer you away from predatory journals, and direct you to appropriate OA resources.

For individual or group consultation on Open Access, please contact one of the following Information Specialists:

Ashley Farrell,  BA(Hons), MLIS, AHIP

Ani Orchanian-Cheff, BA, MISt


Library Research Services

UHN Libraries offer free literature searching services including searches in support of systematic reviews for those who are part of UHN. Contact your Information Specialist for more information or to request training or literature searching. Please note that additional services such as interlibrary loans or deduplication come with a fee. When requesting a systematic review search please ask for our work plan form.

For health professionals and organizations outside the UHN community, these services can be provided by ​​HealthSearch, our fee-based health information research service.